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Medical Protective Mask not - sterile product specification (Product name) Medical protective mask (not sterile) (Type specification Closed arch: MA type (Model NO.) N95 FFP2 (Specifications) 14cm (+1) x 12cm (+ 1) (Structure and composition) The medical respirator (non-sterile) consists of the mask body, nose clip and ear band. The inner layer of the mask is made of non-woven fabric, the inter layer is made of ultra - fine polypropylene filter cloth, the nose clip is made of flexible aluminum material, and the ear band is made of elastic band (nylon + spandex). (Performance index) The product meets the requirements of GB19083-2010 medical protective mask. Filtration efficiency: in the case of gas flow of 85L / min, the filtration efficiency of the mask for non - oily particles should not be 95%. (Application) Applicable to the protection of medical staff and related staff against airborne respiratory infectious diseases, It should not be used for isolation of critical car areas and other places with strict control of microbial indicators. (Contraindication) None. (Precautions, warnings, and instructions) Use this product correctly in accordance with the instructions; 2 Only for one - time use, destroy after use; 3 Prohibited to use when package is damaged. 9 Prohibited to use when the product exceeds the expiration date. (Instructions) Spread the mask, pull both hands towards the face, hold the mask with the left hand, wrap the rope around the ear with the right hand, hold the mask with the right hand, wrap the rope around the ear with the left hand, pull the edge of the mask with both hands up and down, cover the face and chin.

( Labels, packaging marks ) Destroy after use. Please read instructions. Package damaged; prohibited to use. Handle with care E Sunscreen A afraid of wet (Storage conditions and methods ) The product should be stored in a room with <80% humidity, no corrosive gas and good ventilation. ( Validity) 2 years. (Production date, expiration date or expiry date ) See package for details.

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