Powecom Protective Headband Face Mask Respirator 10 pcs

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 Powecom was an FDA authorized mask under the EUA when the EUA was active.

The headband style Powecom respirator face mask, shipping from stock from California, is made of a multi-layer filtration system of non-woven breathable fibers and is utilized globally.  This specific model is the headband style from Guangzhou Powecom Labor Insurance Supplies Co., LTD.


  • 46% non-woven polypropelene, 28% melt-blown fabric, 26% ES hot air cotton.
  • Headband: Latex free
  • Nose piece: Adjustable aluminum


  • Construction: Multi-layer filtration system of non-woven soft and breathable fibers.
  • Headband style.
  • All respirators manufactured after May 20th are affixed with an anti-fake sticker that can be used to verify authenticity.


  • Keep the face mask clean before use. Do not touch the rear side of the face mask.
  • Do not wash the face mask with water. Water will destroy the filtering ability and protective nature of the mask.
  • Do not steam the face mask or put it in the microwave.
  • Keep the face mask away from vapor, oils, chemicals, paints, liquid, acid, and alkaline objects.
  • Make sure to discard the face mask when it becomes visibly ditry or breathing resistance increases remarkably.


  • KN95 mask is not intended for use as a surgical mask or to provide liquid barrier protection.

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